Sep 8, 2010

❤ 8 months later's been 8 months!!

I didn't even sign in and visit my blog -.-"
There's a lot to tell for the past 8 months~~
I guess I'll just skip as I also don't know where to start >.<
Maybe I'll let the pictures tell the stories next time~~
Hahaha :) :) :)
I like this emoticon recently :) or :D

Jan 24, 2010

❤ Training






Jan 14, 2010

❤ Gathering!! GATHERING!!

星期六 ❤ 9.1.2010
potluck party

Taadaa~ The food prepared by us~

Henry: 叉烧
Panda: Lasagna
Jen Er: Oreo Chocolate Cake
Xingkang: Big Apple doughnuts
Jennie: ABC soup and spaghetti
Chia Nee: Salad, tomato appetizer, and pizza
Amy: Jelly

星期天 ❤ 10.1.2010
bye bye~~

星期一 ❤ 11.1.2010
Gathering with sam and charlie for the second time in 2010~

me and samantha~


Taipan Food Court~
But the food there not really

It's just a bit special because some of the chairs are replaced by the swing!
Well, whoever doesn't play swing before should go there larr...haha...

See you guys again soon~

星期二 ❤ 12.1.2010
Sigh....medical check up again!!
This time couldn't avoid it because it's compulsory for every new staffs...
Since don't need me to spend money, I don't really mind to do another check up~
Now, the needles are my friend already -.-"

星期三 ❤ 13.1.2010
Gathering with family gang/monash kaki

啦啦啦~ 啦啦啦~啦啦啦~

Had steamboat dinner~
yum yum yummy =D

Then went to Pappa Rich for supper!! *lol*
We're such a big eater!! *omg*
Actually ordered drinks only larr....

星期四 ❤ 14.1.2010

Accidentally found out some pictures from my mobile phone....
But they're all blur~ *sigh* >.<
Cause I let it "bathed" few months ago....after that, it became sot-sot!! *hate my clumsiness*
Sometimes my hp will hang/off suddenly....
What even worse is the battery will become very hot when it cannot be on!! *sigh*
So scare it'll burn.......
Luckily I am still safe now~
But got to change another new one too....

I look normal in these pictures~ ^^
No wonder my sister hate SONY camera so much!! *lol*

When can I have a new hp?
When can I have a new camera?

Going to start training/working soon *sobs*

Jan 9, 2010

❤ Time flies

This picture was taken in January 2009~
-In Hong Kong-
January 2009
Still friend huh?

January 2010
Things changed... haha

Eddie gained weight =P

星期二 ❤ 5.1.2010
Woke up early in the morning,
just wanted to have my mee siam breakfast at Taman Berkeley

very nice~
shouldn't miss it!! =D
The best best super best mee siam I ever tasted....

After few weeks of consideration, finally I bought it =D
I truly recommend it as it's cheap (rm35) and worthy!!
By the way, it is known as lotion (or toner)
Japanese called it lotion as heard it has more moisturizing effects wor...haha
With only two drops are enough to apply on your whole face~
I think it can last for many months~

星期三 ❤ 6.1.2010
Went to 1U
Had great lunch at Chili's ^^

Mom and sister

Salmon with garlic and herbs

Southwestern Lamb

She likes this personally lol...
So, I do her a favor and post it here =D

星期四 ❤ 7.1.2010
Went to Sunway Pyramid to have Korean cuisine for dinner ^^

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Korean Pan Cake
*my all time favorite*

By the way, now they're having promotion =D
This family set only costs rm58 now!!
Worth it

Found some old pictures
many months ago
it was last year 2009
same place *lol*

星期五 ❤ 8.1.2010
Went KL again!!
Actually LRT is quite convenient sometimes...haha....
Finally I got my offer letter =D
Gonna start my 3 months training program SOON~

星期六 ❤ 9.1.2010
Party tonight
Can gather with family gang

Sister going back U.K. tomorrow T.T
3 weeks going to over~
So fast!!